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  • Setting Up A Custom Form

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Each custom form has a limit of 10 fields; 9 custom fields and 1 email address field

How to make a simple question form

  1. Click Add content

  2. Scroll to the Custom form and drag it onto your site

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Add custom form


The return email address field is enabled on the custom form by default, but you can disable it via the settings panel if needed.

  1. Click Add custom field

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Add custom field

  1. Add some field text to describe what information you are collecting.

  2. Add the type of field you want to use. In this example, we want to be able to capture more than one line of text so that customers can send a long question or query.

  3. Click Add

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Select field type


Click Save to close the settings panel.

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Settings panel

Once the form has been saved, the completed form will be shown on your site. The custom form from this example is shown below.

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Example form