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  • How to setup email accounts on an Android mobile phone

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Click on the App icon on your device and look for your stand-alone email app. Notice that this will vary between devices. Make sure it’s not labeled Gmail, as this app is intended for the integrated Gmail device and is not optimized for the use with UK2.NET hosted email.

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Step Two:

For creating a new email account you must select the “Other” option. This will allow you to set up a email account that uses your domain.

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Step Three:

Enter your email address and password. Click on “Manual Setup”.

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Step Four:

The next page will ask which kind of account you want to set up. In this example we’ll be using the IMAP protocol.

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Step Five:

Your email address and password should automatically be filled. Please make sure the User or Username is also filled with your email address, your IMAP/Incoming mail server is, SSL is enabled and the port is 993.

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Step Six:

Again, make sure the SMTP/Outgoing mail server is, SSL is enabled, the port is 465, and “Require Sign in” is checked.

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Step Seven:

The email setup is complete! You can change the name of the account to your preference, such as “UK2 Email” “Work” etc.

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Step Eight:

From here you will be taken to the email account inbox. We recommend testing the email to make sure it is sending and receiving email properly.

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If you run into any issues or have any questions setting up your device with your UK2.NET email, we are glad to help! You can give us a call, open a chat or submit a support ticket from within your CHI account.