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  • How To Add Images To Your Site

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Table of Contents

Adding an image

Click the image tab (1) and then the Add images button (2).

Choose image destination

If you’re going to upload lots of images, it’s a good idea to keep them organised by creating an album.

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Select Add Albums…

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Type a name for the album (1) and click save (2).

Select the images to upload

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Click the Choose files button (1)

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Select one or more images. You can select multiple images by using Cmd-Click (Mac) or Ctrl-Click (Windows)

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The uploaded images will appear in the images panel

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Drag the image onto the page.


Create Image icons

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  1. Copy widget
  2. Select new image
  3. If the image is with in a column, this allows the column to be selected
  4. Click and drag to move the image to a different location on the page
  5. Remove the image from the page

Image panel

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Click on a image to open the image panel.

  1. Image dimensions and file size
  2. Replace the current image
  3. Relative image sizing
  4. Set a link to another page or external URL
  5. Alt attribute is used to specify alternative text shown by a web browser if the image cannot be shown
  6. Image title can be used to describe the image

Alt attribute and Title tags are optional but it’s good practice to set them and it can have an impact on Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).