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  • Getting Started With Editor 7

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Choose a Package and Template


Preview the template

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Click any of the device icons (1) to preview the template. For mobile devices click again to rotate the device. To preview other templates click Back to Templates (2)or click the Blue button (3) to use this template in Editor 7


Editor 7 at a glance

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Editor 7 has five tabs (1). You can click on any tab at anytime.

Use the Preview and Publish buttons (2) to see how your site will look and make it available on the web. Some features, like drop down navigation and contact forms can only be seens working in Preview mode.

The Device buttons (3) change the page layout between Phone, Tablet andBrowser modes.

Undo and redo (4) work for actions on the current page. If you move to a different page or tab the undo steps are cleared.


Customize your site

Page headers and other page elements can be edited by clicking (1). To change the site name, click on the name and select Custom (2) and then type the new name. Click Save (3) to update the page.


Add text to your site

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Click on the Text tab (1) and then drag a drop a Text Widget (2) onto the body of the page. You can’t add text widgets to the header or footer, only the page body. Click on the text block (3) to open the text editor

Select text in the editor and then use the style menu (1) to apply a style. Styles are always applied to a whole line of text so you may need to break the text up into paragrpahs. Click Save (2) when you’re done.


Add images to your site

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Click the Images tab (1) and then the Add images button (2)


To upload images from your computer, drag and drop JPG or PNG files or click the Choose files button (1). Images must be under 10Mb. Click the stock images button (2) to choose an image from the stock image library.


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Drag and drop the image onto the page


Publish your site

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Click the Preview button (1) to see how your site looks. Click Publish (2) to make your site visible to others.