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  • How To Create And Publish Your First StarterSite Website

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Step 1. Choose the template that will best represent your new website by choosing an industry from the dropdown menu. 

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Step 2. Below the template section, you will find a form where you can enter the contact information for your organization. You may notice that your CHI account has prepopulated the information for you. You can leave the information in the form or make any changes that you would like to appear on your website. Take note that as you type, your StarterSite preview will display the changes made.  


Step 4. Once you have entered the necessary information and contact details, you can preview your StarterSite single-page website. If the preview is correct, click the Publish Your StarterSite button to save your details.  

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Congratulations! Your domain is now configured with a free StarterSite web page.