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  • How Do I Restore My Account From A Backup

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  1. Please submit a ticket through your CHI account first. This is done to confirm that you would like to apply the Emergency Restoration Fee to restore your account from a backup.

  2. Please be advised that there is no guarantee that UK2 will have a backup of your files for longer than the past few days. We are able to review your account and the backups that are available.

  3. If you are looking to restore specific files, folders or databases, include the names and locations needed by replying to your ticket.

  4. If you need us to help restore files, folders or databases from a specific date (in the past few days), please include the specific date that you would like to restore from.   

Restoration Fee:

We will need to process a £25.00 + VAT emergency restoration fee before we are able to restore your account from an Emergency Backup to enable you to immediate access to your account and secure a backup using FTP.


Once your backup is available, you can access in through your account in the .snapshot/ folder of your home directory using FTP. Accessibility is time sensitive and will only be available up to 24 hours. We will need to know if you need help restoring anything specifically.



We highly suggest taking your own backups and storing them to your computer so that you can restore your website at any time.


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