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Titles and description

A good product title should be short and descriptive. Product descriptions can be as detailed as you like. Product description content can be formatted using the formatting toolbar.

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Product description formatting


If you are selling multiple versions of a product (eg. red, blue and green t-shirts in small, medium and large sizes) you will probably want to use variants. See the Product variants document for more information.

Adding product images

A product can show one or more images. To add images, press the + button below the Images heading.

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Add product images


If you upload multiple product images you can choose which one to display as the feature image on your website. To do this, press the More button ( ⋮ ) and select Set as feature image

Categories and tags

It's a good idea to add categories and tags to your product to make it easier for your website visitors to find what they are looking for. For detailed information about adding categories and tags, please refer to the 'Adding product categories and tags' document.

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Categories and tags

Setting product options

To complete adding a product:

  1. Set the price of the product

  2. If you want to calculate weight-based shipping costs, add the weight of the product

  3. Optionally, you can set the product's visibility

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Product options