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Use variants if you have a single product that comes in multiple sizes, colours or other variants.


On any product page:

  1. Click the Variants tab

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Variants tab


  1. Click the Add product variants button

  2. Enter the name of the variant in the Options name field

  3. Add as many variants as required in the Choices field

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Add variants


  1. Select the Reorder dropdown values button

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Reorder button

  1. Click and drag the value up or down the list

reorder variantsImage Modified

Reorder variants


  1. Select the Pencil icon next to any value

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Pencil icon

  1. Toggle Visibility to hide or show a value

  2. Select any option to edit

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Visibility toggle


Adding additional options will remove all existing variants.

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Remove option


All price, weight and stock information is deleted along with the option

delete optionImage Modified

Delete option