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With Website Builder you are able to write and publish blog posts from your phone or tablet

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Website Builder

Blog app

  1. Tap the Main menu icon

The main menuImage RemovedImage Added

The main menu

  1. Select Blog

Bloglist pageImage RemovedImage Added

Bloglist page

Getting started with your blog post

Here you'll find a list of your blog posts. There will be a default post in your Drafts as an example. To create a new post, tap the + icon.

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New blog post

Tap on the Post title and Post fields and type your content

Adding content to your blog postImage RemovedImage Added

Adding content to your blog post

Adding a feature image

  1. Tap on the + icon

Adding images, categories and tagsImage RemovedImage Added

Adding images, categories and tags

  1. You can add an image from your device, from images recently uploaded and from the stock image library

Uploading an imageImage RemovedImage Added

Uploading an image

Adding a category and tags

Choosing an existing category or adding a new oneImage RemovedImage Added

Choosing an existing category or adding a new one

Adding a Category is a good way to organise your blog posts. Tapping on the field allows you to create a new category or choose from any existing categories

Feature image and category addedImage RemovedImage Added

Feature image and category added

To add Tags to your blog post, tap into the field and type. Tap Enter on your keyboard to save.

Adding tagsImage RemovedImage Added

Adding tags

Post summary

The Post summary allows visitors to read a brief summary of your post before clicking through to the page

Adding a summary of your postImage RemovedImage Added

Adding a summary of your post


When your blog post is complete, tap Publish and the post will go live on your website. However, you are also able to save the post to your drafts to finish at a later date on any other device.

Tap OK to publish your blog postImage RemovedImage Added

Tap OK to publish your blog post