This article provides instructions on how to add your Stats 2.0 service to your Website Builder hosting package.

Step 1: Get the Stats 2.0 code that you will add to your Website Builder

a)     Log into CHI at

b)    Click on “Web Hosting”

c)     Click on “View stats”

d)    Under the site title, select “Preferences.”

e)     Select Tracking code and copy this highlighted portion of the text


Step 2: Pasting the Stats 2.0 code into your Website Builder

a)      Log into CHI at

b)      Click on “SiteBuilder”

c)       Locate the “Content” section in the sidebar

d)      Scroll down to find the “Embed” option.

e)      Click and drag this over to a blank spot on your page.

f)      Select the cog icon (or double click) the area that you dragged the widget into.

g)      Delete everything in the text box and replace it with the tracking code.


Step 3: Repeat step 2 (c through g) for each page in your Sitebuilder site.  

If you require additional help, please submit a support ticket at