Use 'Site Profile' to add contact details and other information

How Profile information works

Information added to the site Profile is reused across the site. Information like Company name and Strapline will be used in your site header, and other information like Phone number can be shown in the footer.

To open the site Profile:

  1. Click Site settings

  2. Click Profile


Profile page

Basic information

All information added here is used across your site.

basic info

Basic information

Example of profile information on the page:

  1. The logo of the site in the header

  2. The business name shown in the header

  3. The headline and strapline shown in the feature area


  1. The company description shown in the footer

profile info

Profile info on site

Contact information

contact info

Contact details

Example of contact information:

  1. The map has been updated to the address provided in Profile

  2. The social icon links have been updated to the links provided in Profile

  3. The contact form will now send emails to the account provided in Profile

info example

An example site with the contact information filled in