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Can your website handle 100 users at once? What about 1,000 or 5,000 users visiting at the same time? Create a Load Test in a controlled environment today and find out if your web properties are at risk of load crashing or poor performance. Running a load test, also known as “performance testing”, replicates high levels of realistic traffic in order to clearly identify weak points in your platform and susceptibility to load crashing.

Load Testing Benefits

Be prepared
Test systems in a controlled environment to prepare for peak traffic times.
Uptime Availability
Understand your system’s optimum availability, even during high-stress periods.
Create a baseline performance metric and scale resources to appropriately match requirements
Learn more about Load Testing and understanding system performance today.

How does Load Testing work?

Load testing mimics real life traffic to search out weak links in your system’s operation. By simulating heavy loads, you can observe performance metrics and identify latency issues, slow loading speeds, and susceptibility to downtime.


Load testing will allow you to measure your current resources against simulated scenarios. You may find that while under stress your systems are not adequately utilising available platform resources. Either way, you will be able to scale & adjust according to observed load testing results. 

Use load testing to observe and measure system performance. The results produced by the test are key performance indicators that can help you make critical business decisions for your applications, platform or website.


Our THG sister company IdealShape frequently utilises our Load Testing product to measure platform availability and observe resilience to traffic spikes in preparations for major shopping seasons. In prepartion for Black Friday and other seasonal holidays, IdealShape runs multiple load tests to ensure their websites can handle incredible traffic spikes with no downtime.

THG's platform is designed to handle traffic from all over the world across many devices and browsing behaviors. Load testing allows us to simulate extreme situations in advance to make sure we can provide an excellent service no matter how popular our websites get.” - THG software engineers.

It's not just the pure quantity of requests, it's also load testing by using similar traffic patterns and requests to how our customers behave.” Overloading one page at a time does not demonstrate the functionality of an entire site. The UK2.net load testing system uses complex algorithms to simulate natural website traffic and user behavior ensuring the tests results are meaningful and actionable.


What do I need to get started?



Contact UK2 and speak with a representative



Provide website URL(s) and preferred testing time



Desired volume of traffic to simulate & how long



Email account to receive Load Test report