1p .UK Domain Promotional Offer 2015

All offers must include the Terms & Conditions relating to the offer, so that they can be displayed on the website.

  1. This offer is valid on new .uk domain registrations on 1 year contracts only
  2. Only one (1) .uk domain registration under this promotion allowed per account
  3. Domains purchased on a multi year term will have the first year discounted only (e.g. If registering for 2 years, the first year price will be discounted)
  4. Domains renew at their normal, non-discounted rates after the initial contract period has completed
  5. Normal cancellation policies apply
  6. A .uk domain that is registered as a qualifying Right of Registration domain that is later chosen to not be renewed, will lose their qualifying right to the domain. See the .UK Terms & Conditions for more details of the Domains that qualify as Right of Registration
  7. Offer will run between Friday 24th July and 11.59pm Sunday 26st July 2015 or until 2000 .uk domains are sold, whichever is reached sooner
  8. .UK Prize Draw Terms & Conditions apply
  9. .UK Terms & Conditions apply
  10. All of UK2.net standard Terms and Conditions apply