Free .uk Domain Offer 2016

  1. This offer is valid on new .uk domain registrations on 1 year contracts only and are restricted to domains taken up by .uk rights holders only
  2. Qualifying domains can be seen in the CHI control panel here:
  3. .uk activations will not be processed instantly but will be registered on or prior to the 31st October 2016
  4. Domains renew at their normal, non-discounted rates after the initial contract period has completed
  5. A .uk domain that is registered as a qualifying Right of Registration domain that is later chosen to not be renewed, will lose their qualifying right to the domain and will no longer carry your right of first refusal. See the .UK Terms & Conditions for more details of the Domains that qualify as Right of Registration
  6. Offer will run between 3rd October 2016 until the 11am 31st October 2016
  7. .UK Terms & Conditions apply
  8. All of standard Terms and Conditions apply