IP Address Price Change - 2013

  1. Update: IP addresses are running out and fast. RIPE, the company who handles IPs, are working hard to make sure that a new set of IPs will be available when these existing ones run out and as a result of this change in the market we will not be able to provide unlimited IPs free of charge anymore.

  2. We currently offer:
    1. Up to 3 IPs per dedicated server account
    2. 1 IP per VPS account
    3. 1 IP per reseller account
    4. 1 IP per shared business hosting and shared business cloud hosting account – upon request only
  3. Extra IP Charges:

    If you would like to purchase additional IPs you will need to contact our sales team so that they can allocate you your new IP/s. Additional IPs will cost £24/year each. This charge will need to be taken up front by our sales team.

  4. Maximum IPs:
    1. Limited IPs are issued for each service. Please call our sales team to discuss your requirements.
    2. If you have any questions please contact us through our support channels, chat, tickets or email, and we will do our best to answer you.
    3. Contact sales on: 0800 470 0425