• *Get Both and save 12% .co.uk£2.50
  • .com£6.99
  • .net£9.45
  • .org£9.45
  • .org.uk£3.89
  • .co£18.95
  • .eu£6.99
  • .contractors£19.99
  • .construction£24.99
  • .directory£19.99
  • .kitchen£17.99
  • .land£24.99
  • .today£19.99
  • .technology£19.99
  • .photography£19.99
  • .camera£24.99
  • .equipment£19.99
  • .graphics£17.99
  • .estate£24.99
  • .gallery£19.99
  • .lighting£19.99
  • .bike£24.99
  • .singles£24.99
  • .clothing£24.99
  • .ventures£44.99
  • .guru£24.99
  • .holdings£44.99
  • .plumbing£24.99
  • .tv£29.99
  • .me£14.99
  • .info£6.99
  • .mobi£10.99
  • .biz£8.99
  • .me.uk£3.89
  • .name£9.45
  • .ltd.uk£3.89
  • .xxx£79.99
  • .in£12.99
  • .ind.in£6.99
  • .ws£18.99
  • .cc£24.99
  • .bz£18.99
  • .be£6.99
  • .firm.in£6.99
  • .org.in£6.99
  • .net.in£6.99
  • .get.in£6.99
  • .com.mx£24.99
  • .es£8.99

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What is a domain?

What can I do with a domain?

Build a stunning website under your brand name so customers can find you easily.
Create email addresses with your domain that are more memorable for customers and better reflect your brand identity.
An online shop
Catalogue and sell goods directly from your site, increasing your revenue from online business.
Brand protection
When you buy domains from UK2.NET you stop others creating a website with the same or a similar name to your brand and piggybacking on your rep and hard work.

What do I get with my domain?

Free one-page website
InstantWebsite is a stripped down version of our Website Builder. At no extra cost you can build a single-page website using one of our many professionally designed templates to quickly begin making a positive impression online.
Free email addresses and forwarding
When you buy a domain you get a free 100MB email account, letting you connect with your customers using a professional, identifiable address. You can set up forwarding so that incoming messages go to a pre-existing email account – great for those who want different email addresses to arrive in one place!
Free web diversion
Have your domain name forward visitors to another website while still remaining visible in the address bar. This is handy if you already have a website built somewhere else, such as in a WordPress or Tumblr account.
Free control panel
Our custom built control panel is easy to use and gives you total control over your domain names, email addresses ad billing details.

What our customers think

Jay Commins Pyper York Limited

I've been a faithful customer of UK2.net for about 12 years, regularly registering new domains on behalf of clients.  The costs are superb value, and the service - online or over the phone - is fantastic.  I'd highly recommend them to anyone - and regularly do.

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