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The web is changing. Starting right now you have the opportunity to pre-register for 700 new domain extensions which will change the way we use the internet and do business online. With these new domain extensions you'll be able to secure a name you really want, that's relevant to you. Join the UK2 watchlist today and you can;

  • Pre-reserve your favourite domains with no obligation
  • Register for early domain phases such as Sunrise and landrush
  • Get alerted when your watched domains can be bought
  • Get in the queue for general availability - first come first served!

Set up your watchlist today, the web will never be the same!

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New Domain Extensions Explained

A domain extension is the final part a website’s address, so UK2’s domain extension is “.net”. 700 great new domains are being released in the coming months however there are several stages to each domain’s release date.


  • Pre-select domains for free.
  • As they come available, we’ll let you know and give you the next steps.
  • Add / remove domains at your leisure by logging in here.


  • This is the first stage of release.
  • This is only for registered trademark holders. So if you hold a trademark, you’ll need to register it here. If more than one trademark shows interest in that domain, an auction will be carried out.
  • A non-returnable fee applies.


  • This is the second stage of release.
  • No trademark needed. However if multiple people apply for the same domain, an auction will take place.
  • Not all domains will have a landrush stage. We’ll let you know if you join our Watchlist.
  • A non-returnable fee applies.


  • This is the final stage of release.
  • Anyone can register at this point.
  • Pre-register at UK2 to get in the queue for a domain. As always it is first come, first served, so register your domain name now!
  • During the recent .co launch UK2 were able to register a massive 87% of our customer’s pre-registered domains.
  • At this point it is only the price of the domain you pay.
  • As the registration is not guaranteed, we will return any fee you’ve paid if you were not the first to pre-order it.

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