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cloud hosting business with OnApp

UK2 can provide you with a flexible, scalable, profitable and market tested hosting platform to instantly start your cloud hosting business.

Partner your next-generation OnApp cloud with secure, reliable and trusted hosting from UK2.

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Why choose OnApp hosted by UK2?

As one of the world's largest and most experienced hosting groups, we know the challenges hosting companies face when creating and setting up new products and infrastructure. We've conquered these challenges ourselves, so we know what it takes and what support is needed. Here's what UK2 can add to your OnApp cloud hosting:

State-of-the-Art Datacentre

With very restricted access, along with the latest in monitoring, security and power redundancy systems, our data centre already hosts payment gateways, entire hosting businesses and thousands of dedicated servers.

Integrated Monthly Cost

We'll give you one integrated monthly cost for your cloud hardware and bandwidth, making it easy to track your outgoings and manage your business.

Tried and Tested

We already host an existing multi-million pound grossing business using OnApp technology and have 13 years of datacentre experience behind us.

Flexible and Scalable

We can tailor a package to your specific needs and desires, from cloud infrastructure down to individual components of servers.

Setup options

We can put together a custom package for almost any budget but here's a few example specs of hardware we already run for some of our cloud hosting customers.

1x CP server: 2x Intel Quad Xeon 2.13Ghz
4x 146GB 15k RPM SAS Hard Drive (in RAID 10)
1x Adaptec SAS Raid Controller

2x HV server: 2x Intel Quad Xeon 2.8Ghz
1x 1TB SATA Hard Drive
1x Intel Gigabit Network Card

2x SAN: 2x Intel Quad Xeon 2.8Ghz
16x 1TB SAS Hard Drive (in RAID 10)
2x 500GB SATA Hard Drive (in RAID 1)
1x Adaptec SATA Raid Controller

Monthly Cost: £1750

1x CP server: 1x Intel Quad Xeon 2.13Ghz
2x 146GB 15k RPM SAS Hard Drive (in RAID 1)
1x Adaptec SAS Raid Controller

2x HV server: 2x Quad Xeon 5506 2.13Ghz
1x 250GB SATA Hard Drive
1x Intel Gigabit Network Card

1x SAN space:
300GB SAN space
Shared SAN RAID 10
Replicated with Starwind auto failover

Monthly Cost: £738

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UK2 Promises

  • 100% Cisco network hardware.
  • Dedicated power substation, Diesel generators and UPS.
  • 40Gb redundant fibre network.
  • Active + passive CCTV, perimeter alarms + 24/7/365 monitoring.
  • 10 days diesel fuel constantly maintained on-site.
  • 100% network uptime SLA.
  • 15 minute response guarantee.
  • 24/7/365 intelligent hands from skilled, experienced engineers.
  • Redundant Redcare system connected to emergency services.
  • Fire system conforms to P1+L1+M with 100% coverage, using beam detectors, VESDA and normal smoke detection.

Control Panel

See the amazing onapp controlpanel in action