How to secure your mobile data with UK2 VPN

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Key Features

Firewall Protection

Our VPN comes with a firewall which allows you to block malicious software before it reaches your Laptop, PC, Tablet or Phone.

Failover and scalability

Our VPN has endpoints in the UK and USA. Choose where you want you IP revealed or where to encrypt your data.

One IP with multiple locations

When you connect to the VPN, regardless of where you are, your IP address will always remain the same.

Supported by any device

From PC's to Tablets and from iPhones to Android devices our VPN is supported by nearly every internet-enabled device on the market.

Keep it confidential

The VPN's IPSec encryption levels ensure your communications remain confidential from the moment they leave until the time the reach your endpoint.

24/7/365 Support

Our support team are on hand to deal with any support or technical queries you have reguarding your VPN.

Endpoint Locations

Coming soon to a place near-ish you


  • Europe
  • • London, UK
  • • Amsterdam, NL
  • United States
  • • Salt Lake City, UT
  • Japan
  • • Tokyo

Now you can stream US TV shows to the UK and vice-versa using your VPN!

VPN Tutorial

Watch it now for more in on VPN's

This tutorial helps you to understand what a VPN is and how it is used to encrypt your valuable data - keeping it safe and secure on any network.

See how simple it is! 1. Buy VPN 2. Set it up 3. Your mobile is secure!

Technical Specifications

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