How To Create A Great New Website For Your Side Project

17th October, 2019 by

You’re most likely visiting this article because inspiration has struck and you have a great idea for an awesome side project. Excellent! You’re in the perfect place to get started on your new website. In this article, we’ll cover the six easy steps you need to take to get your idea out of your head and into the digital world. 

Step one: Choose a domain.

Choosing a domain is a very important step in this process. It represents your website’s identity, and where website visitors will go to find information about you. Before you decide on a domain, be sure that you follow these expert tips:

  • Keep your domain short, sweet, easy to spell, and memorable.
  • Investigate alternative web address endings like .SITE or .ONLINE and geographic domains like .NYC or .LONDON.  
  • Be sure that you aren’t borrowing ideas from anyone else intentionally or otherwise. 
  • Register your domain for the longest time-frame possible to avoid possible disruptions in the future.
  • Consider registering additional domains to protect your idea from domain squatters. 

Find the perfect domain with our easy domain search tool.

Step two: Add email hosting.

This step is especially important if you’re considering selling goods or services online. Adding email hosting to your domain allows you to market your business professionally with email addresses that match your domain name. For only a few pounds a year you can represent your website with authenticity and confidence.

Add email hosting to your website in just a few clicks. 

Step three: Decide on how much functionality you will need for your new website.

Take a few moments to write out all of the features you would like to include in your new website. For example, if you’re creating a blog then you most likely won’t need a shopping cart function. However, if you’re creating an online shop, then you might also want to include a blog to boost your online visibility. 

You’ll most likely want to include an About Us page and a form to contact you when necessary. The functionality you list will help you when you get to the next step of choosing the perfect website builder for your new website. 

See your options here

Step four: Choose a website builder. 

Whether you’re looking to build a small, single-page website or a large-scale ecommerce website, UK2.NET has the perfect site builder for you. Be sure to take a look at the options below before choosing the platform that will work best for you.


Perfect for small websites that only require a single page with contact information, basic content, and a geographic location. 


Great for small to large-scale websites and known for extreme functionality and usability for almost any purpose. From blogs to large ecommerce or news websites, WordPress has thousands of themes and widgets to get you started. 

Website Builder

Almost no technical experience required. Simply drag-and-drop your way to a functional, aesthetically pleasing, and completely optimised website that looks great on any size screen. 

eCommerce Website Builder

Automatically includes a shopping cart, easy payment portals, and shipping options along with the easy drag-and-drop functionality of Website Builder. 

Step five: Add content. 

Add your contact and business information, brilliant website content, dazzling images, optimised videos, and terrific product descriptions to make your new website your own. Be sure to spell check and use keywords that help your site traffic find you in search engines. When possible, also include meta descriptions and tags to give your search engine optimisation value a boost. 

Step six: Spread the word!

Whether you plan to market your site locally, on social media, or through word of mouth, be sure to shout out your great idea loud and proud. While you’re at it, be sure to mention that UK2.NET has everything you need to pull your idea out of thin air and get it online in no time at all!

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