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All domains include...

  • Web Page

    Every web address you register comes with a free one-page website. You can build it yourself using InstantWebsite, which is a simplified version of our professional Website Builder tool.

  • Free Email

    We’ll start you off with email when you buy a web address, a.k.a. domain name. One email address with 200MB of storage and forwarding from five other email addresses is on-the-house when you buy a domain.

  • Control

    Your domain registration comes with full DNS management and an all-in-one control panel; which gives you access to domain search, whois, domain transfers and email accounts.

  • Support

    After 15 years of business, we’ve been there and got every t-shirt going. We’ve registered more than 4 million web addresses in that time, so you can rely on us to know what we’re doing. You can phone, email, or log-on to live chat whenever you need our help.

What is a domain?

A TLD (Top Level Domain) is the address used to find you on the Internet. In the same way your company’s street address is used to find your physical offices, a domain name is used to find your website.

Let’s use our example: www.uk2.net

  1. www – means World Wide Web. Typing it before uk2, means you are accessing the Internet to search for any content that exists under uk2.net
  2. uk2 – is the name of our company and how we chose to be known on the Internet.
  3. .net – is a top level domain (TLD) also known as domain extension.

Price List

.co.uk £2.50 .com £6.99
.net £9.90 .org £9.99
.org.uk £3.89 .co £4.99
.eu £6.99 .guru £24.99
.technology £19.99 .photography £19.99

Introducing CHI

CHI is UK2’s one-of-a-kind dashboard and control area, which shares its name with the Chinese term for energy.

CHI has been designed to streamline all the jobs you might need to do as far as domains and hosting are concerned. CHI is a single sign-on system, which means it gives you instant access to other handy tools that make web hosting easier, like cPanel and Stats2.

On this page you can take a tour of how CHI can help you manage your domain names.

What you can do with a domain...


Whether you’re a blogger or a business, you can shine a spotlight on what you do with your online presence.


Set-up emails that mirror your brand identity and are more memorable for customers.

Brand Protection

Put your brand or business on a pedestal by finding a web address that no one else has. Then snap-up similar domain names to deter copycats.

Online Shop

Expand your physical shop floor without the building work or higher rents.

CV and Portfolio

Show-off infront of an audience of 2.5 billion Internet users.

Business Card

Set the stage for your upcoming business or blog by getting a web address to add to networking cards and paperwork.

Save it for Later

Make that valuable name your own to use or sell later on.

Customer Promise


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