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Why choose uk2.net?


22 years' experience providing services to the UK's finest startups and businesses.


24-hour support dedicated to helping you find the answers you need. Day or night.


A complete one-stop-shop with all the tools and services you need to get your idea online.


UK2.NET is industry-leading in redundancy and uptime availability with a 99.995% SLA.


Find the perfect domain for your website.

Turning your business into an established online force is our speciality, and it all starts with a domain name. Register domains in just a few clicks. Explore our wide selection of top-level domains. Simply enter the domain you want by following the “search now” option below and watch the options stack up.

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Web hosting

Budget-friendly, accessible hosting in a click.

We offer web hosting to suit every website. From simple website hosting to affordable dedicated servers, UK2.NET grows with you as your hosting needs increase fully supported by our expert technical support staff.

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Email Hosting

Professional email addresses to match your domain.

Double down on brand authority, reputation, and security with professional email hosting. Don’t let generic email addresses stifle your potential. Instead, effortlessly sync your inboxes across your devices with a personalised email address to match your established brand.

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Why choose UK2.NET?

We have over 20 years' experience providing services to individuals, startups, and businesses in the UK. Our 24-hour support is dedicated to helping you find the answers you need. Day or night. We are a complete one-stop-shop with all the tools and services you need to get your idea online in an instant.

How does UK2.NET help clients succeed?

UK2.NET has everything you need to get online, manage your online reputation, and meet your digital goals. From domains to dedicated servers, our solid infrastructure will grow with you as you reach your full potential. Our expert UK2.NET support staff is available both day and night to answer questions and lend a hand. Give us a try! You have nothing to lose. If in 30 days, you are unhappy with your hosting services, we will refund your money – no questions asked.

We have partnered with industry-leading software and platforms to bring you the best services like Cloudflare, SiteLock, WordPress, cPanel, and more. If you’re looking for cheap web hosting in the uk, then UK2.NET is waiting for you.

How do I get online?

Turning your business into an established online force is our speciality, and it all starts with a domain name. Simply pick your domain name to be registered and ready to go in just a few clicks. With so many domains available, you are sure to find the perfect fit. From .com and .co.uk to geographic and industry-specific options, your domain name can exclaim exactly what your business is about.

Next, need a hosting solution and website builder tool to get traffic booming? Unsure about the right hosting package for you? Our jargon-free descriptions will help you on your way. Have a question about any of our tools and services? Our expert teams are on hand 24 hours a day via chat with us.

Does my business need a website?

Put simple, yes. Businesses that have an online presence receive increased foot-traffic, brand recognition, and website growth. 80% of customers consult search engines before making a significant purchase. A website can help your business appear in search engine results. Additionally, a website can help you appear in local search results as well. Additionally, a website helps potential customers access your business information from their mobile devices and find your business on the go. Whether you need to build a website to sell products online or to support your brick and mortar business, UK2.NET can help you get online and into search engine results. See our web hosting options.

What support can I expect with my UK2.NET services?

UK2.NET clients have instant access to 24-hour support. Our expert support staff is standing by to help you answer any questions you may have about your UK2.NET services. Additionally, the UK2.NET knowledgebase and blog have answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Can I build my own website?

Absolutely! Choose Dotable to build a website for yourself, your business, or your organisation in minutes. Simply choose a stylised Auto-Build, add your business information, and publish for the world to see. Start completely free with a 14-day trial at dotable.com

Do I need more than one domain?

Many organisations choose to protect their brand by choosing to register multiple domains that include their business name. For example, you can prevent domain squatting by registering yourbrand.com, yourbrand.online, yourbrand.co.uk, and yourbrand.uk. While there might be a small expense when you buy domains, you can save yourself thousands of pounds in battling domain disputes should an unsavoury individual choose to attempt to replicate your website for malicious reasons. Whatever you decide, UK2.NET is the place for cheap domains in the UK.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is the world’s leading Content Resource Management (CRM) platform. WordPress makes it easy to build a website, ecommerce shop, or blog with their easy templates. As an opensource platform, WordPress is supported by thousands of experts around the globe, all working to provide you with helpful tools – called widgets – to fill every need your website may require. UK2.NET offers expert WordPress hosting to help you get online with a leading platform, a free domain, and reliable hosting.

Can I transfer my domain to UK2.NET?

Absolutely! Simply go to our Domain Transfers page and follow the steps or contact our technical support staff and we can help you transfer a domain to UK2.NET.