Is VPS Hosting For You?

8th October, 2015 by

House your data in a virtual private server.

Hosting a website can seem like a curiously hypothetical process. Because everything is happening remotely over the internet, there’s very little physical evidence of hosting actually taking place. Other than photographs of server rooms, hosting companies can provide few tangible illustrations of the complex services they provide. On top of the virtual nature of web hosting, many people still find the concept of cloud computing completely baffling.

Despite its offsite nature and technical complexity, the crucial job of providing access to private and corporate websites is taken extremely seriously by UK web hosting companies like UK2. In essence, there are three main types of web hosting on offer to companies and individuals:

  1. Shared hosting. This is where a number of clients have websites stored on the same server. Shared hosting represents an economical alternative to the next option…
  2. Dedicated hosting. Here, a client is allocated an entire swathe of hardware for its own exclusive use. This tends to be popular with large companies such as online retailers.
  3. A virtual private server. More commonly referred to as VPS, this represents a hybrid of characteristics from its two counterparts. A number of different websites will be hosted on the same server, which allows the cost of that infrastructure to be sub-divided accordingly. However, each website has its own operating system and memory, which effectively enables it to operate with the flexibility and robustness of a dedicated server. A VPS can run at peak efficiency, irrespective of traffic levels or issues affecting other sites on the same server.

Having established that a VPS represents an optimal solution for many companies, the next challenge involves finding a dependable hosting provider. This isn’t the sort of service reviewed on Ciao or Reevoo, though specialist IT publications sometimes publish top-ten lists or industry overviews. Fortunately there are certain characteristics that any good web hosting company will be able to detail on their website and in marketing material. This can go a long way towards ensuring your website will always be easily accessible…

  1. A choice of packages. Good VPS providers recognise that different customers have their own unique requirements, and will consequently offer packages with differing levels of RAM, bandwidth and storage.
  2. Security. Considering recent high-profile data thefts, it’s crucial that your hosting provider has robust firewalls and DDoS protection against hacker attacks. Accept nothing less than two-factor authentication and round-the-clock monitoring of secure data centres.
  3. Effective hardware. Computing equipment is surprisingly fragile, so it’s essential that your VPS provider has invested in cutting-edge equipment and configured it for optimal reliability. Brands like Cisco are renowned for their durability and robustness.
  4. Plentiful global capacity. One server in Bangalore isn’t going to deliver the sort of always-on hosting expected nowadays. On the other hand, companies like have data centres on different continents, providing huge global capacity at every hour of day.
  5. Rapid customer service. In response to a problem, an automated ticket with a 48-hour response time doesn’t cut it any more. Round-the-clock customer support via phone, email and live chat is now the benchmark for any client-focused company.

Take a look around our website to find all of these factors and more: UK2 will cater to any of your hosting demands.

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