Which Web Hosting Package Is Better For YOUR Project?

25th July, 2018 by

Creating a website is an exciting process. Deciding what to include and what to leave out, sourcing images, writing on-page content…it’s easy to get lost in the details.

Amid these debates over fonts and background images, many people overlook the practical aspects of actually hosting a site. After all, that collection of HTML and JPG files won’t be publicly visible until it’s stored on a web server. This is where companies like UK2.NET step in, with banks of secure servers capable of storing every file and folder needed to display a website. We have data centres dotted around the world, so your data is close to your website visitors. And thanks to effectively limitless bandwidth, we can seamlessly distribute each web page to anyone entering its address into their browser bar.

However, that’s not the end of the story. Web hosting requires dedicated servers in secure facilities, diligently managed around the clock by IT professionals and kept online via ultrafast fibre internet connectivity. That’s a lot of hardware and industry expertise – so how much should you expect to pay for it?

The host with the most

UK2.NET offers three web hosting packages, and we’re confident these packages will cater for pretty much everyone’s needs. That’s true whether you’re a private individual launching a hobby website, or an employee of a multinational company requiring complex ecommerce websites:

Essential Hosting

This is our most affordable web hosting package, not least since we’re currently running an incentive which slashes its cost by a remarkable 83 per cent! For just £1 a month, we will host up to ten websites on your behalf, as well as providing a free domain name. We also set aside 10GB of email storage for those all-important marketing messages and customer enquiries. Despite only charging a pound a month for the first year, we don’t set any limits on the amount of web space or bandwidth customers receive. Site editing is handled through the world-leading cPanel interface, while Essential Hosting is compatible with both WordPress and Drupal.

Business Hosting

As our best-selling package, UK2.NET’s mid-range Business Hosting plan is hugely flexible. It builds on the Essential plan’s specifications, adding a free SSL certificate for secure ecommerce transactions – or simply the protection of sensitive client data. It’s possible to have an unlimited number of MySQL databases powering an equally limitless number of websites, and Business Hosting provides the same 24/7 expert support as every UK2.NET web hosting package.

Business Cloud

All websites are created equal, but some consume more resources than others. Our Business Cloud service is designed for complex websites where performance needs to be optimised. Reliability and speed are maximised by using UK2.NET’s robust cloud servers, and a dedicated IP address benefits SEO and security. Finally, to underline how dependable our cloud servers are, we’ll credit your account if a website is offline for more than 0.01 per cent of the time.

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