Why You Need Dependable Email Hosting

9th April, 2018 by

Because it happens behind the scenes, email hosting has always enjoyed a certain mystique. Consumers rarely understand the intricacies of spam filters or appreciate the importance of sender reputation. Yet being able to reliably send and receive email is crucial for businesses and consumers alike. Messages have to arrive promptly and without significant display issues, to achieve their full potential.

Domestic strife

In terms of dependable email hosting, UK-based companies have always had an advantage. While certain nations are synonymous with spam, domestic data protection laws have prevented our servers becoming prolific junk mail distributors. Even so, companies handling email hosting UK-wide have to work hard to deliver genuine messages to their destinations.

Because of its opaque nature, it’s hard to tell if an email goes astray. The sender won’t know it wasn’t received, and the recipient won’t know it was sent. Unless these parties communicate through other channels, missing emails may never be identified. And that’s a problem if your company relies on e-marketing, electronic contracts or email enquiries. Not receiving the latter is especially damaging, since an ignored customer will have no qualms about going elsewhere. In today’s fiercely competitive online marketplace, new business inquiries simply can’t be ignored.

New kids on the block text

It’s hard for new email accounts to develop a sender reputation. This is a number from one to 100, calculated for each active IP address over a rolling 30-day average. Contributory factors including a presence on industry blacklists, sending emails to accounts for the first time, and the use of words or phrases associated with spam. Since a new account has no track record of authenticity, outgoing messages often end up in junk folders until they’re flagged as ‘not spam’ by recipients. And although the account holder is primarily responsible for this, the hosting company has a role to play, too.

Dependable email hosting UK-wide (and internationally, for that matter) involves a number of elements. The email exchange must contain effective, constantly evolving spam filters to weed out incoming junk. The host company has to offer storage for attachments, to prevent incoming messages being rejected by a full mailbox. At the same time, it must permit attachments of at least 10MB on outgoing emails. It should work equally effectively on Android and iOS devices as on a PC or Mac. And above all, dependable hosting requires a user-friendly webmail interface that can be mastered in minutes, and which never goes offline.

Email hosting UK2-style

To help our customers keep in touch, UK2 email packages deliver all these elements. Up to 100 accounts can be attached to a single domain name, reinforcing a brand or business with every sent message. We offer Personal and Professional packages, starting at just 99p a month with no adverts. Every customer receives inbound spam and virus protection to keep their inbox safe, with a choice of POP or IMAP settings. We provide round-the-clock technical support in the unlikely event something goes wrong, while a detailed knowledge base of articles is available online. We know dependable email hosting matters to you – which is why it matters to us, too.

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