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September 4th, 2007 by

Hi Folks,

We have been getting a few questions from customers who are getting SPAM mail that is geting tagged as SPAM in the subject and want to get rid of it automatically. Well, this is how you do it:

Our Webmail system is tied directly into our mail system. This means you can filter your email directly on the system before it gets to your mail client. This example uses the the Simple Webmail interface.

Choose the Simple inteface and login.


Once logged in click the “Folders” Link


At the bottom of the page in the “Email to Folder Sorting” type SPAM in the “or Email Subject” box and click the “Add Email Sort” button.


Confirm that the new filter is in the list.


and you’re done. All email that has been tagged as SPAM will now go to your Trash folder.

If you have any problems please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the support team.



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# 5th September, 2007

Good stuff Dan 🙂

# 5th September, 2007

Hi Dan, If I move spam from my inbox to the spam folder in Webmail will these addresses be logged by the UK2 system and filter any subsequent messages from those addresses? My Outlook settings filters 99% of this junk but I’m trying to find an efficient way to block them before they reach my mail server. Would appreciate any ideas? Cheers. Dion

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