At UK2 we offer scaffold-strength support. It doesn’t just come in one form, either. You can choose how you get help from us. Go down the DIY route and gen-up using our knowledge base tips and tutorials, give our support teams a call, or email us.

Knowledge Base

For at-a-glance resources, you can visit our knowledge base. It’s a library of tutorials and guides on everything from how to log-in to cPanel to domain registration. Click Here.

Submit a Ticket

To make sure your query goes to exactly the right person, you can submit a ticket. This is basically the same thing as sending us an email, but it’s a bit more targeted, for a better response. Click Here.

Contact Us

Drop us a line, our dedicated billing, sales and tech support teams are all ears. Click Here


CHI is our all-singing, all-dancing control panel that’s been designed in-house to make managing your UK2 products easier. It’s unique to us, though, so you might have a few questions about it. For tips and insights, visit our CHI knowledge base.

For the CHI knowledge base Click Here.

Customers who signed up after Friday 25th April 2014 Click Here.

Signed up before Friday 25th April 2014? Then you'll want the old controlpanel until we begin migrating you.

System Status

For the latest information on UK2's system you can now go to where any urgent issues will be posted, you can even sign up for e-mail alerts to let you know as soon as we do if there's a problem.

Alternatively you can still call us on 0800 612 2142 and select option 2 for system status.

Write to UK2

To write to UK2, please send all correspondence to the following address:

UK-2 Limited
91 Brick Lane
London, E1 6QL

Our Company Registration Number is: 03550739

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Are you a customer from before April 2014?
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