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April 28th, 2014 by

Last week, we pulled the string on the party poppers as UK2’s new website and brand spanking new CHI control panel was launched.


When we shared the good news with you on Friday afternoon, we told you that brand new customers were going to be the first to get access to CHI, the control panel we built in-house, and that we’d be updating existing customers on their own move to CHI in the next couple of months. This should ring a bell even if you weren’t online on Friday, because we sent you an email about it, too.


Today, we want to remind you about an important point of the migration. If you’re an existing customer and you buy a new domain or web hosting service through the new UK2 website, you’ll also be set up with a new CHI account. However, these new products won’t appear in your original account.


It doesn’t have to work like this, though. If you want all your products to be in the same place and the same account until you are officially migrated on to CHI, you just need to make sure you buy any new services, such as domains, through the control panel of your original account. Alternatively, you can buy your new domains or hosting here.


Screen Shot 2014-04-28 at 14.36.22

If you’ve already bought new domain names or web hosting products through the new website and have found yourself with a CHI account as well as an existing account, you can contact the tech support team who can help you. You can reach them on 0871 223 9999 or by raising a ticket.


Alternatively, this is a great opportunity to get to know CHI. Have a play around with the system. If you have any thoughts you want to share on it, we’d love to hear your feedback.


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