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February 2nd, 2009 by

Hi all,

If you’ve been a UK2 customer for a while you’ve probably become very familiar with the layout of the UK2 website, and the tabs that are there to help you find your way around.

Well today we have had to change our tabs, to make room for a brand new VPS (VPS) product called VPS cloud hosting!

The tab we have taken away is the “Free E-mail” tab.

If you used this tab please don’t despair, if you would like to either log in your webmail or sign up for an email account you can do so here. Also we’ve included a new “Email Login” link in the top right hand corner of the all website pages.

So don’t forget, if you want to log into your webmail, or sign up for an email account:

1) Go to


2) Use the “Email Login” link which is in the top right hand corner of all webpages

Email Login

Bye for now,


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Susan Lader
# 16th February, 2009

All I need to do is use my e-mail through Outlook Express or web-mail ( when I am away from home. Will any of this change when your new website is running?
Thanks, Susan

stan Taylor
# 16th February, 2009

Hi Nicola

What do I need todo? I use for my e-mails although my account is with the post office the mail is sent via my uk2 account.this account is not used a great amount of time.
look forward to you pointing me in the right direction.
Stan Taylor

UK2 Support
# 17th February, 2009

Hi Susan,

There’s no change to how you use your email via Outlook or Webmail. All we have done is taken away the tab that said “Free Email” which was one way of getting to the webmail log in on To get there now you can either type in the URL or click on the “Email Login” link on the homepage.


UK2 Support

UK2 Support
# 17th February, 2009

Hi Stan,

There is no change to how your email ( works.

All that has changed is where you can go to log in if you use webmail. Instead of there being a “Free Email” tab on the UK2 Homepage, you need to click on the “Email Log in” link instead. Or alternatively just type in and you’ll go directly to the webmail log in page.


UK2 Support

# 10th February, 2010

Hello I have never used before but I would like to and I was wondering if I can sign up for a free email address with you all. If so, how?

# 15th December, 2010

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Thanks for posting!

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