Should You Register A .sucks Domain?

April 28th, 2015 by

It’s good business practice to keep an eye on the new TLD releases – you could fall foul of Internet trolls if you drop the ball…

Safely nestled behind their monitors, Internet trolls have one ambition: to make life difficult for others. Whether it be through insulting them on social media channels, or actively harassing them on their own website, the Internet gives trolls an anonymous environment where they can wreak havoc at any opportunity, without facing the repercussions they would if they performed the same in organised society.

Having your business online is pretty much a necessity for those hoping to make a splash in business today. The e-commerce (and more recently mobile commerce) market has exploded in recent years, with 40% of Internet users having bought something online – which means it’s not really a market you can ignore!

With your business’s online presence, it’s imperative that you are alert to what’s going on in the online world so as not to unwittingly give trolls any ammunition to give your brand a beating.

This is where .sucks comes in.

One of the hot new domains to be served up to the public will be .sucks (keep an eye on our website for more details on its release). This release opens up a world of hilarious opportunities for you to register your friends’ names with a .sucks ending as a comedy birthday present, however the release has the potential to open the floodgates and create a new platform for online abuse.

Picture it: A particular one of your ‘net-savvy customers gets a bee in their bonnet about your company or your customer service. Where could they take their revenge? They could register and use the domain to preach to the masses about just how rubbish your brand really is. Trust us, there are people out there who would snap up the domain just to give your company a bad name.

Could a domain name really help protect your brand?

In a great example of brand protection, Taylor Swift recently snapped up the domain name to prevent unsavoury “fans” registering it for malicious use or, probably more in reality, to avoid it becoming the provider of adult content. Seeing as Miss Swift now owns the domain herself, she can rest assured that no such site can be set up, and thus keeps her online haters at bay for a little longer.

Whilst Miss Swift dodged the adult content bullet, Kanye West found himself at the butt of an e-joke as recently someone redirected the domain name to his Wikipedia page. While we’re sure Mr West wasn’t mortally offended by becoming an official “”, this is a prime example of just how domain registration can be used to defame the successful.

So how do you get your own .sucks domain?

As of now, the .sucks domain hasn’t yet been released to the public. While you await its release you should be keeping an eye on our domains page ready to get yours when they are released.

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