Reseller Hosting – 4 Tips for Success!

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1.       Time = Money (lots and lots of it)

The first thing you’ll learn about running your own web hosting company is that time = money and while this might be an old cliché it certainly rings true in this fast-moving and ever-changing environment. Keep track of your expenses and know exactly what your £’s are getting you. Measure this closely against your revenue and if you are seeing a negative return then it’s time to revaluate or try a different tactic.

Manage your time effectively and monitor the time spent on each client. If you spend too much time helping a client out with a major issue and ignoring the smaller issues, then they can come back to haunt you. Choose a top Reseller Package with a reliable hosting company to ensure as much help as possible when it comes to managing your servers and thus in turn helping to support your clients.

2.       Big Up Your Backend

One of the most important factors in becoming a successful reseller is having a powerful backend. Your backend needs to be able to offer you instant scalability and potential for mark-up and profit while offering your clients an easy signup process. The offering on Standard Reseller Hosting Packages means that you do not have to invest heavily in servers while at the same time your hosting company is responsible for monitoring the servers and ensuring minimum to zero downtime.

When looking at reseller packages we would recommend going for the high-end packages as these have numerous benefits including free SSL certificates which you can sell on to your clients, the ability to create your own ticketing system, cPanel licensing is taken care of as your clients are licensed through the hosting company, E-commerce packages are included and you’ll get guaranteed SLA’s.

3.       Conversions mean Capital

This next tip is vital to the success of your business and will help you to increase conversions and therefore sales. Optimise your landing/sales pages so that you can convert potential customers interest into cash for your business. Here’s how:

  • The price must be competitive and clearly visible next to the product – remember to confirm contract type and length here too
  • Display the benefits and features of hosting with you – remember a benefit is a direct advantage of a particular feature
  • Special Offers and Promotions are great ways to increase conversion – be sure to add these to a product which isn’t achieving the desired results
  • Is your Hosting service reliable? If you claim it is, then backup it up with stats or figures to prove it
  • Remember to add a ‘Call to action’ or ‘Buy’ button after every product! This is key and without it your conversions will equal a big fat ZERO

4.       Market Your Business and Watch it Grow

Powerful backend. Check. Reliable reseller hosting company. Check. Optimised pages and clear sales path. Check.

But wait, where’s the traffic?

Here are a few marketing tips to help generate traffic to your website:

  • Make sure your web pages are search engine friendly and optimised for web hosting to ensure a steady stream of traffic from potential customers
  • Start a industry related blog – this is a simple and cost effective way to generate traffic
  • Join web hosting forums to gain extra exposure – be sure to comment, offer advice and submit relevant posts
  • There are plenty of free press release sites where you can write PR statements and circulate them around the web
  • Social media sites, Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn, are a great channel for building relationships, interacting with your customers and offering promo’s and discounts
  • Try link building exercises with other sites by offering them hosting sponsorship

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