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Shaun Is In The City!

March 27th, 2015 by

After months of anticipation and excitement, Shaun has been let loose in London!

You may remember us mentioning not so long ago that we were sponsoring our very own Shaun The Sheep, as a part of the Shaun in the City trail to raise support for children’s hospitals. As Britain’s favourite cartoon character, his trail has been highly anticipated and we’ve been getting so excited to reveal the identity of our sheep. Fifty  giant statues of Shaun The Sheep have this week been appearing around the city These individual pieces of art have been designed and decorated by artists and celebrities from David Gandy to Hello Kitty. Believe us, Shaun has taken on some really impressive guises!

UK2's Sponsored Shaun The Sheep outside The Globe Theatre in London

UK2’s Sponsored Shaun The Sheep outside The Globe Theatre in London

Our sponsor-sheep (get it?) is situated snugly at the heart of the trail, celebrating one of Britain’s most iconic literary figures. Have you guessed it yet? Yes that’s right, our Shaun is straight out of the 16th Century: Shakespearean Shaun! Titled ‘To Sheep Perchance To Dream’ and designed by One Red Shoe, Shaun the Shakespeare will be spending the next couple of months in his new home outside The Globe theatre! Should you be passing by be sure to snap a selfie with Shaunspeare (the naming possibilities are endless!) and Tweet us @UK2!

Speaking of Twitter, we’ve come over all Shakespearean ourselves since Shaun’s grand reveal, and we’ll be giving away prizes for Shakespearean knowledge over the course of the next few weeks, so make sure you’re following us and keeping up with all the latest Shaun in the City news!

You can get a sneak preview of what our Shaun looks like by heading to the Shaun in the City page, he’s under the ‘T’ section here. The trail will be around London until 25th May, after which time the statues will be auctioned off to raise money for children’s hospitals.

Remember we want to see those selfies and your Shakespearean knowledge so follow us at @UK2!



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# 31st March, 2015

Hi, this is a link to the time lapse film of the Shaun being painted.

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