Top 5 New Web Address Endings

March 3rd, 2014 by


It’s only been a month since a new range of web address endings was launched onto the Internet, as alternatives to .com and But, already, a popularity contest has started. The following .somethings are fast becoming the sweethearts of the world wide web…


More popular than an Oscar ceremony selfie, the .photography web address ending is the best-seller of all the new .somethings.


Apple led the way in scooping up the first few .guru web addresses. And where they went, the rest of the world followed.


Insider info suggests that Tate Britain and the Uffizi Gallery in Florence are two of the titans who have already joined the .gallery club.


It’ll come as no surprise that those on the cutting edge of technology are, well, on the cutting edge of technology.


Little black books will be springing up all over the Internet, by the looks of sales for this new TLD.

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