UK2 Launches Our Best Hosting Packages Ever…

January 4th, 2008 by

New Year, New Web Hosting! 

UK2 are constantly trying to develop products and services that make life easier and simpler, so for the new year we’ve just launched two new hosting packages named Home and Business.

As you can probably work out the Home package is designed with families and new users in mind and the Business package is aimed at businesses or users who are looking for something extra from their hosting package. The packages include everything you need for easy web hosting! 

We are very excited about these new packages as we believe they are the best we have ever offered.  So why don’t you kick off 2008 by trying one out!  The full list of features is shown below:

Home  £ 39.99/ Year 

• 1 FREE  Domain Name
• 3 GB Webspace 
• 100 GB Monthly Traffic
• 10 Addon domains
• 5 POP /IMAP email accounts
• cPanel 11
• £ 20 worth of Google Adwords
• CGI, PHP , Ruby on RAILS , MySQL
• Frontpage Extensions
• Easy to use Sitebuilder
• 24/7 superb Responsive support

 Business £ 69.99/ Year

• 3 FREE  Domain Names
• 100  GB Webspace 
• 1000 GB Monthly Traffic
• Unlimited  Addon domains
• 1000 POP /IMAP email accounts
• cPanel 11
• £ 30 worth of Google Adwords
• CGI, PHP , Ruby on Rails , MySQL
• Frontpage Extensions
• Easy to use Sitebuilder
• 24/7 superb Responsive support

If you would like more information or would like to purchase the Home or Business hosting package please click here.

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Stuart Johnston
# 5th January, 2008

At first I thought “not bad”, however on closer inspection and a little number-crunching, it turns out to be pretty good deal!!

To put it into perspective and to possibly understand why I’m making a big deal out of it, I’ve cross-referenced your ‘Home’ package with my current package provided by one of your UK competitors – for exactly the same price – and the findings are certainly pretty interesting:

– Instead of the 3GB UK2 offers, I only currently get 125MB Disk Space
– Instead of 100GB UK2 offers, I only currently get 2GB monthly traffic
– You offer PHP, CGI etc support FREE – my current host charges £15 per year additionally for this!

You are offering in most cases, double the amount of web space, monthly traffic, extras (such as support for PHP, CGI etc) and of course the added bonus of a UK call centre. Certainly in your favour there, I’m sure you will agree, and on paper it is very impressive. To put it simply: keep up the good work UK2 – there is something to be proud of. 🙂

Now, if you could ‘acquire’ my current webhost or speed up time a little so I don’t have to wait too long for the contract renewal, I’ll be a happy bunny! 😉

# 7th January, 2008

we actually thought about launching a ‘contract buy out’ thing – where we would buy any contract you had with another host, by providing free hosting for the remaining part of the deal you may have with a competitor of ours 🙂

Would that be a good idea?


Stuart Johnston
# 8th January, 2008

Hi Ditlev,

Yes, I think that is a great idea – I imagine you could potentially sway a lot of people that way who are getting a less-than-impressive deal from their current webhosts, and I am certainly interested. My main question is however; would you lock the individual / business into a higher-tier package or a dedicated server in the conract?

# 14th January, 2008

Wow, those do look impressive. Can existing customers pay the difference and get the Business package with cPanel?

# 16th January, 2008

Hi Delan,

Yes they certainly can – at the moment we haven’t got an automated script that you can use yourself but if you let our support team know we’d be happy to move your account across.


Tony Lees
# 22nd January, 2008

Hi There,

I currently have reseller package with NativeSpace and although they have been good I have experienced some unexpected downtime and I am potentially looking to change in April, would the Business package be the one for me? It is certainly an attractive price (is this just introductory?) Would you be able to do a comparison against the package I am already on?


Tony Lees
# 22nd January, 2008

P.S do you do you provide WHM? so I can distribute space and bandwidth myself etc?


# 23rd January, 2008

Hi Tony,

Thanks for your enquiry, we do offer WHM and the business package can be used for reselling, however we don’t yet offer the ability to create your own packages or give your customers their own control panels. If you need this kind of functionality you might want to check out our sister company in the UK2 group

The price is not introductory and it’s going well so I can’t see anything changing anytime soon 🙂

If you contact either sales teams by raising a ticket or calling they’ll be happy to do a comparison for you.


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