VPS, But Not As You Know It

October 13th, 2014 by

Today UK2 launches a next generation VPS product…

There’s been a bit of a Top Gun vibe in the office this week. We’ve all felt the need, the need for speed.

It’s all been down to the launch of our new VPS product, which has been created to be first-across-the-finishing-line fast.

Its rapidity can be put down in the large part to the SSDs that the new products are based on. Every new UK2 VPS is built on solid state drives, which are up to 56 percent faster than their mechanical cousin hard drives.

What’s more, the new SSD VPSs feature a Premium Cisco-powered network with more than 200 gigabits of capacity per second, to further increase performance.

Of course, not all the benefits of the new SSD VPS go down the Goose/Mavrik/Ice Man route. In addition to being fast, the new products are extremely customisable. The operating system, for example, can be chosen from a variety of premium templates, including cPanel and Windows, or a series of free ones like WordPress and LAMP stack.

Once you get set-up with your SSD VPS, you have complete control. You can reboot, reload and backup all from the comfort of your control panel.

SSD is available now on the UK2 website. Prices start at £7.50/month.


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