10 Tips For Choosing The Perfect Domain

19th September, 2018 by

Regardless of what you plan to do with your website, choosing your new domain name is an important, and sometimes stressful, decision to make. Knowing which web address will best suit your purposes isn’t always automatically intuitive. However, with a little guidance, you can find the perfect domain name for your new blog, online shop or web application.

Below you will find 10 of our top tips for choosing the best domain for your new website:

#1. Research it!

Before you set out to register a domain, be sure that any web address you choose doesn’t infringe on any copyrighted or established businesses. You may think that your domain is original, but may also be unaware that another company has already claimed all or part of your domain. To avoid issues in the future, only register web addresses that are completely original or copyrighted by your organisation.

#2. Represent your brand.

Developing a brand must come from multiple directions. From email to social media, a business must be consistent to promote a unified front. This, of course, includes the domain name that you choose. Be sure that whatever web address you decide to register fully represents what your brand stands for.

#3. Make it easy to type.

Website visitors are not patient enough to attempt to find your website for very long. After a few mis-typings, they will most likely move on to the next interesting cat video. Making sure that your domain is easy to type into the address bar is crucial. Any mistakes made could lead to an error page, or worse, a spoofed page pretending to be you.

#4. Avoid hyphens.

Web addresses already include https:// and www. to make web addresses confusing. It’s never a good idea to add additional punctuation to the mix if you don’t have to. Keeping domains simple helps your website visitors find your website and return later on.

#5. Keep it short.

A universal rule for choosing domains is the shorter it is, the better. There’s a reason why three-letter domains sell for tens of thousands, if not millions, of pounds. While you most likely won’t be able to find a domain less than five characters, registering the shortest domain possible is always a good choice.

#6. Know your users.

Who are you creating your website for? Do your users reside in a concentrated area? If so, you might want to consider a geo-TLD like .nyc or .uk. Is your website industry-specific where a .reality or .club might be a good choice? By knowing who you are targeting, you can make it simple for users to find your website.

#7. Make it memorable.

Memorising a 26-character web address is unthinkable. Instead, try to choose a domain that is catchy or memorable in some way. By thinking ahead and imagining how you will market your new website, you can be sure that your domain is perfect no matter the task at hand.

#8. When possible, use keywords.

Similar to the last tip, think about the Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO, keywords that you will use for your new website. If possible, register a domain that includes a keyword or search function that your website visitors will use to try to find you online. If you own a pizza shop called Nick’s, then nickspizza.com might be just what you need. However, if by including keywords adds bulk to your domain, it might be best to skip it.

#9. Know your extensions.

Recently, web address endings besides the typical .com or .org have been taking flight. From .blog to .name and .info, gTLDs have created a new inexpensive way to get original domain names without breaking the bank. While domain extensions aren’t for everyone, they might add just the right amount of personality to your new web address.

#10. Don’t wait!

Domain names are hot commodities so if you find one that you like, don’t wait to register it. The next time you log in, it may have already been registered to someone else. Getting a hold of a web address that has already been registered is next to impossible, so make sure that you don’t put yourself in the position to take the risk.

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