The 12 Days Of Blogmas: Two Turtle Doves

15th December, 2014 by

On the second day of Christmas, our singer was given two turtle doves…

Christmas has always been a time of giving, and the 12 Days of Blogmas are no different. On the second day of our rhyme, the gift of true love was a pair of turtle doves. Now, one of my all-time favourite Christmas films is Home Alone 2: Lost in New York. The tale of how Kevin is separated from his family (once again) at Christmas-time and learns the value of friendship and family is still one of the nation’s favourites, and Christmas in my house is certainly not complete without a Home Alone re-run.

I mention Home Alone because the second gift of the 12 days of Christmas speaks to me about the value of friendship, and giving to those we care about over the festive period. Kevin visits Duncan’s Toy Store where he is given two turtle doves by the owner, the very same gift of true love given on the second day of Christmas. Of the gift, Duncan says: “You keep one, and you give the other one to a very special person. Turtle doves are a symbol of friendship and love; as long as each of you have your turtle dove, you’ll be friends forever”.

Christmas has always been seen as a time for appreciating loved ones, giving to those in need and being generally jolly and kind. The symbol of the turtle doves is a representation of the festive spirit; Kevin gives his turtle dove to a homeless woman with whom he forms a special bond.

There are plenty of ways that you can get in the festive spirit of giving without flying to New York on an accidental adventure (although that does sound appealing). Aside from the traditional present buying for your family and friends, there are many charities which would benefit from gifts, whether financial, gifts or your spare time in volunteering efforts.

Give back this Christmas!

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