12 Uses for VPS!

18th May, 2011 by

Since we’ve recently upgraded our VPS Cloud offering we thought we’d give you  12 reasons to use our new interactive slider which lets you personalise your VPS right down to the amount of CPU, RAM and HDD you need.

Our VPS Cloud is next generation hosting. We’ve made it easier for our customers to create, build and deploy their VPS’s instantly with over 100 fast loading template images to choose from including Windows, Drupal, Joomla, WordPress and many more.

12 uses for VPS

Setup a:

  1. VPN in the USA*
  2. Sandbox Dev Test Environment
  3. VoIP Server*
  4. Moodle Server
  5. Web Server*
  6. Name Server
  7. Blog Platform*
  8. Load Balancer*
  9. Back up Server*
  10. Wiki Server*
  11. Game Server
  12. Mail Server

Test out our new VPS-O-Matic slider here.

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