3 Essentials For Your Online Marketing Strategy

4th March, 2016 by

You should be taking advantage of these online marketing tools if you hope to succeed in online business.

Selling online can be difficult, especially if you are struggling to get your name heard. Building a prominent online presence is a lengthy task for any business, and a lack of effective online marketing can lead to the decline and ultimate collapse of your business. Forbes estimates that 90% of startups fail, a figure which is surely very offputting for anyone setting out on their first entrepreneurial journey. How can your business website help your business stay in the successful 10%?

Online marketing can be expensive, and for many small businesses the marketing budget is pretty tight. While we recommend businesses of all sizes invest heavily – or as much as possible – in their marketing efforts, there are a few inexpensive ways to get your business website noticed.

Here are three digital marketing avenues which could benefit your business without breaking the bank:

Social media

Social media can seem like a bit of a minefield to the uninitiated. There’s a range of platforms – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram to name but a few – and each has their own unique audience. Which one is right for your business, if any? We recommend that all businesses create accounts for at least Facebook and Twitter, the two big players on the social scene. Through these platforms you can provide your customers with a direct line to your business, and this works both ways! You can find hoards of information about your customers via Facebook and Twitter, and engage with them personally, creating content which is catered to them.

Insights is a great tool on Facebook, and Twitter’s Personas will give any business an important view of who is looking at their content: you may find out that your market is more diverse than you first thought!

Primarily, social media accounts should be used to engage with your audience and ensure that anyone looking for your product or service can find it – and purchase it – from your business. Using industry relevant hashtags and searching for people who may be interested in your product or service, you can then drive them towards your business website and gain new customers.


Content is king when it comes to online marketing. Google and other search engines will scan your website to determine how relevant, helpful and truthful the information on your site really is, and they’ll rank your website accordingly. Getting on Google’s radar is vital for any business that hopes to compete online; many of your potential customers will find the product or service they’re looking for through a simple Google search, and not by visiting a website directly.

Creating fresh, relevant content on a regular basis is a great way to score points with Google. Writing about your industry, your products and your business is recommended, as Google will be looking for content which is relevant to your industry and helpful to your potential customers. Consider which keywords Google will be looking out for when it scans your site, and be sure to write blog posts about those topics. Beware of keyword stuffing though: the crawling technology which scans your site is intelligent enough to know when you’re just shoving keywords into your content at any opportunity!

Make sure you share your blog posts on your social channels as this can generate leads to your website. Highlight the topic of the post with relevant hashtags and be sure to respond to any comments or replies the post may get; engagement with your audience is vital!

Boost your SEO

As we mentioned above, your ranking in the search engines is integral to your online success. Knowing exactly how to please Google, Bing and others is almost impossible, regardless of the reams of information and tips available on the web. Our Website SEO Guru tool boosts website search engine optimisation by scanning your website (for free), and giving you an insight into how well your business website is currently performing. Following this, if you choose to use the tool it will give you walkthrough guides to make changes on your website, which in turn will boost your search engine ranking.

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