5 Reasons Your Blog Might Need A Facelift

2nd December, 2016 by

Your current blog template might not be working to the benefit of your site.

There are many valid reasons for starting a blog. Whether it’s for business or pleasure, to entertain or to inform, for monetary gain or otherwise, blogging has many benefits. You can share your thoughts, opinions and reviews with a global audience, all from the comfort of your own home.

It’s easy to get complacent in your blogging environment; loyal readers don’t like change, and giving your blog a new look could break their trust with your site. It can take a great deal of time to build up a loyal readership, and marketing your blog is no easy task, one that has become increasingly difficult with the rise in blogger popularity.

So when is it appropriate to change your blog’s layout? And how can you avoid losing customer trust when doing so?

Your current theme doesn’t give you enough options.

Many bloggers start out on the WordPress.com site, picking a free theme from the thousands on offer. These themes are a great fit for small-time bloggers, but many don’t offer you the functionality that a paid theme does. Take a look at our top five free WordPress themes right here, and if nothing catches your eye you may need to search for something more substantial over on the WordPress website.

Your business is growing.

When your business experiences growth it’s wise to have a re-think on how your website looks, while it is at its strongest. Investing in creating the best web presence to showcase your brand is good business practice; as your business grows its reputation must be upheld, and your current theme could be giving the wrong image to your customers. Consider how well your current theme portrays your brand DNA. If your site doesn’t compliment your business then it’s time for a change.

Your business is changing.

If you’re rebranding your business you will need to revamp your website. A fresh new website theme will show your customers that your business is going through change, but you must make sure these customers are aware that change is coming. Be transparent and honest with your customers, easing them into the new branding one step at a time. They’ll learn to love your new theme and continue engaging with your brand, cultivating brand loyalty.

Trends are changing.

Website trends come and go, so in order to stay relevant in the digital age you must make sure your site is on trend and built to please today’s customers. This might not mean opting for a completely new theme, as most trends have accompanying plugins – especially on website builder platform WordPress – that will bring your site up to date. If your site is outdated then a whole new theme might be the best route to stay current; your customers will appreciate the site rehaul as it will improve their online experience.

You’re targeting new customer demographics.

It’s not only your business that can change, it’s the people you do business with. Emerging consumer demographics such as Millennials and Generation Z have differing demands of your business to older customers, and they expect to interact with different websites. If you’re considering targeting a new market, do your research first, find out what they want from a modern website, and act accordingly.

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