The 5 Best Free WordPress Themes For Bloggers

11th October, 2016 by

Give your new blog the best start it can get with one of these five excellent WordPress themes.

If there’s one word you don’t hear often when launching an online presence, it’s “free”. Your online fame comes at a price, and you’ll encounter plenty of expenses on your journey. provides a completely free platform for bloggers to get started online, though, and you should consider the benefits of using one of their free themes when launching a blog.

Blogging is big business in today’s world. What started for many as a hobby has become a full-time job, and the money can be good too. Even the highest paid bloggers had to start somewhere, though, and today could be your day to begin sharing your thoughts, opinions, expertise and advice with the online world. is one of the world’s largest blogging platforms, and as a completely free service (with optional paid add-ons) it’s great for any first-time bloggers looking to establish themselves in the blogosphere. You don’t need to cough up for a template either – hosts a range of free “Themes” that will underpin your blog and make sure it’s looking presentable at all times, so you can take care of the content without worrying about learning to code or design a website.

Here are our top 5 favourite free WordPress themes:

Twenty Sixteen

Twenty Sixteen allows you to provide loads of information to your site visitors in a glance. Your title, headline article, “About” section and navigation to social media networks and other pages – like a contact page – will all be accessible on a visitor’s screen before they get the chance to scroll down. Your articles will be stacked neatly down the left hand side, while you have the option to add widgets on the right such as a search or subscribe function. It’s fully customisable too, right down to the font of your text, so you can really make it your own.


Great for visuals, Gateway is the perfect theme for any photography bloggers, or indeed bloggers who wish to include lots of images in their posts. With space for an eye-catching headline photograph, along with a neat layout of blog articles highlighted by their featured image, this theme will showcase your skills with a camera with ease. Its navigation bar sits neatly under the headline image so your blog visitors will be clearly directed to your articles, your images and your contact pages before scrolling down.


Described as a “minimalistic square theme”, Cubic is perfect for travel bloggers. The theme’s demo will show you why this is: high quality images of landscapes dominate the screen with minimal written content, so your site visitors can recognise a place from your images and select a square to find out more. It’s clean, minimalistic and modern, and sure to inspire that #wanderlust we’ve seen so much of on Instagram lately. Navigation is contained in a burger menu on the top right, to keep things neat!


As its name suggests, Penscratch is a theme for writers. While there are hordes of photography blogs online, the written word is often enough to build a loyal audience for your blog. Penscratch is simplistic, giving power to your written content. You can add images, of course, but this theme is primarily targeted at wordsmiths ready to share their stories, poetry and written musings with the online world.


Crafty is described as “a blogging theme with a bright and playful design”, and this is evident in the demo. Designed with creatives in mind, this theme is great for food bloggers, arts and crafts enthusiasts and everyone in between. List recipes, image galleries showcasing the process of creating something useful for around the house, and offer advice to your followers all in one place with Crafty.

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