How to Set Up a US VPN Server on the UK2 VPS CLOUD

10th September, 2010 by

How to Set Up a US VPN Server on the UK2 VPS CLOUD in 10 Easy Steps

Setting Up a US VPN can give you a US IP which allows you access to US websites such as Hulu. Below I have listed a number of easy to follow instructions which will help to get your VPN set up in no time! Please feel free to add comments or tips!

1. Create a new virtual machine via your UK2 Control Panel with 1 node.

2. Select a VPS on the US Chicago cluster

3. In the Image Type drop down, Select “VPN Image” & then “Basic Installation”

4. Once the server has started, select Details under the Action column, and write down the IP address and the root login password.

5. Connect to the server via SSH (using PuTTY or Terminal)

For these instructions we assume your virtual server has IP: XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX

6. Remember to replace with the real IP number shown on your UK2 VPS overview page.

Example – Code: shh root@XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX

7. Login as root with the root password you wrote down from your UK2 VPS overview page


8. Edit the chap-secrets file nano /etc/ppp/chap-secrets

9. Add the following line: user1 pptpd setyourpassword *

10. Replace “setyourpassword” with what you want as your password – Don’t forget to include the *. Hold Ctrl and press X to save!

=== HEY PRESTO ====

Now you can login to the VPN over PPTP using: user1/”setyourpassword”

Happy Surfing!

NB. Check Google for instructions on how to connect to a Windows or Mac machine.

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