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Did you know that 5,000 websites are attacked by malware each day? Don’t let your website become part of this harrowing statistic. Today we discuss how to keep your site free of malware while also keeping website traffic safe by using SiteLock from UK2.NET.

Introducing SiteLock

UK2.NET has partnered with SiteLock to bring you the very best in website protection. SiteLock protects your data 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year by monitoring your website for vulnerabilities and attacks.

Arm your website with the SiteLock seal to let customers know that you are watching out for their data security. The SiteLock trust seal reassures anyone who visits your website that you can be trusted with their personal data.

SiteLock – A Malware Defender

As its name suggests, malware is malicious software code designed to cause harm and/or distress to its victims. Yet in the internet’s formative years, the word “viruses” was generally used. At the time, malicious code was usually intended to erase documents or stop devices working properly – causing mischief and distress rather than anything else more significant.

Sadly, the burgeoning internet economy and our greater reliance on connectivity have inspired a variety of new criminal activities. These include:

  • Phishing, where spam emails attempt to harvest information by pretending to be from a legitimate source. Acquired data will be used for identity theft or financial crime.
  • SQL injections, which target website databases by inserting malicious code through web page forms. SQL attacks steal confidential data or damage online databases.
  • Bot attacks, using automated tools to hijack servers and enter systems. These bots can crack passwords, create fraudulent user accounts and seek out related networks.
  • Scraping, involving web crawlers like the ones used by Google and Bing. These copy published content (e.g. email addresses), before reselling it as mailing lists.
  • Man-in-the-middle attacks, which eavesdrop on information being sent between two parties. This represents an easy way to obtain personal or financial information.
  • Compromised apps, which are often given access to personal contacts and device files as they’re installed. Hacking an app provides a backdoor for criminals, enabling them to break in.

Falling victim to any of these events could be hugely damaging to a company’s long-term prospects. Indeed, it could be the death of them. Customers struggle to regain trust in firms experiencing such breaches, and an estimated 60% of businesses fail within six months of a cyber-attack.

Iron-clad Protection

Thankfully, there’s no need to leave your business vulnerable due to hacking or criminal behaviour. Premium and Enterprise versions aimed at small-to-medium and larger businesses respectively. Combining dozens of security features into a single package, SiteLock pre-emptively tackles each of the threats outlined above. For instance, it will block bots attempting to scrape content from public-facing web pages, identifying suspicious behaviour to block automated attacks.

One of SiteLock’s key benefits is the degree of automation it employs. You don’t need to understand how cross-site scripting attacks exploit vulnerabilities in web forms, or why customers are wary of buying from websites whose domain names haven’t been verified. SiteLock constantly runs in the background, automatically scanning for an ever-evolving (and constantly growing) portfolio of threats. In addition, this cloud-based platform provides several services designed to accelerate page loading speeds. You can even analyse website traffic statistics, monitoring visitor behaviour to improve future browsing experiences.

What’s included?

With your SiteLock installation you will receive an instant scan, then subsequent daily scans that comb your website pages, network, and applications for malware. Also included is SQL Injection scanning and Cross-Site Scripting monitoring. SiteLock will also sift through search engines to be sure that your website doesn’t appear on any blacklists, and ensure that your business, domain, phone number, SSL certificate, and business address are verified as legitimate.

SiteLock will equip your website with spam protection and CAPTCHA security to be sure that spam messages aren’t making it through your Contact Us page. As a bonus, SiteLock also scans the web for anyone who might be looking to steal your content. In the event that SiteLock finds a security threat connected to your website, you will be instantly alerted with recommendations on how to secure the threat. SiteLock’s global network is always on to be sure that you are protected from any identified malicious activity.  

Ten Reasons Why Every Website Needs SiteLock

It’s easy to be complacent about website security, yet the threat is real. While issues like hacktivism and cyber espionage receive a disproportionate amount of press coverage, almost 85% of attacks on websites every month are motivated by pure criminality. Costing the global economy trillions of dollars a year, cybercrime is on the increase and its financial consequences grow more severe all the time.

Modern cyber-attack methods

Modern cyber attacks use sophisticated methods that will mean nothing to the average small business owner. You might not have heard of SQL injections or cross-site scripting, but cybercriminals certainly have. Most of us recognise the risks posed by fraudulent phishing emails, but how many people could describe a man-in-the-middle attack? (It’s where a third party positions itself between the host server and recipient device, intercepting information as it’s distributed.)

Many people only rue the absence of website security after a cyberattack. Yet securing valuable information like customer databases isn’t expensive, or difficult. It’s a drop in the ocean compared to the costs of rebuilding a brand after an attack, as customers abandon you and search engines downgrade your site’s ranking. Research has indicated 60% of small-to-medium firms will be driven out of business within six months of being hacked.

Keeping data under lock and key

SiteLock brings numerous benefits that will give you peace of mind, by ensuring your business shrugs off cyberattacks:

  1. SiteLock finds, fixes and prevents threats in a matter of minutes. You won’t find a more efficient way to improve your site’s security.
  2. Its firewall differentiates between legitimate and malicious visitors – ideal for supporting ecommerce while deflecting would-be attackers.
  3. A daily malware scan looks for new vulnerabilities and threats, identifying them before they reach your site.
  4. The exploitation of SQL databases is a key method of attack, which can be repelled by regular SQL injection scans.  
  5. The SiteLock Trust Seal is a widely-recognised symbol of site security, reassuring consumers their financial or personal data is protected by cutting-edge tools.
  6. Scraping is prevented. Automated bots harvest content to republish it, and scrapers also copy contact details for use in low-quality distribution databases.
  7. Website blacklisting is automatically monitored. It’s easy to end up on a blacklist by accident, yet it’s far harder to be deregistered.
  8. Spam verification is conducted on contact forms, ensuring only legitimate messages are passed onto you.
  9. SiteLock even performs additional services like optimising images and minifying content, both of which ensure pages load as quickly as possible.
  10. All these tasks and many others are discreetly carried out behind the scenes. They keep your data secure and improve the user experience without harming it in any way.

Additional SiteLock Features

CDN to the rescue

SiteLock will also help you deliver your content as fast as possible while also staying completely secure. Their global Content Delivery Network (CDN) caches your content in various locations around the world to make sure that requests are fulfilled lightning-fast, no matter where they originated from. All cached content is automatically minified and optimised for quick connections and packet delivery.

Get instant protection

Add SiteLock to your website in just a few clicks – no technical expertise is necessary. Simply log into your UK2.NET CHI account and add SiteLock to your shopping cart. Finish the checkout process, and within seconds SiteLock can be scanning your website and email for malware, threats, and vulnerabilities.

How SiteLock Can Benefit Your Website

The internet may have revolutionised our lives, but it’s also spawned numerous threats and challenges. From malware to hackers, cyberspace is fraught with danger. And then there’s the issue of cybercrime, where company databases are attacked, or sensitive information is unlawfully acquired. Given the punitive damages now incurred for breaches of the EU’s new GDPR framework, website security has never been so important.

Prioritising Website Security

Here at UK2.NET, we’ve been monitoring and pre-emptively tackling online threats for many years. In an age when five thousand websites are attacked on a daily basis, we’ve seen first-hand how small businesses struggle to recover from a major system’s attack. Most companies will subsequently go out of business – deserted by distrusting customers, or simply unable to recover from losing irreplaceable data.

We realised that something needed to be done, and SiteLock was chosen as our main weapon against cybercrime. Instantly activated and always vigilant, this market-leading utility can be added to any of our web hosting packages. We offer three versions from as little as £1.25 per month, all designed to monitor websites for vulnerabilities and dangers.

SiteLock: Saving Websites Daily

Whichever version of SiteLock you add to your website, it includes a number of standard features. Daily scans of individual web pages will proactively identify threats, from network ports to web forms – a popular point of entry for attackers and spammers. You’ll also be able to add the SiteLock Trust Seal, reassuring customers your site is safe to use.

However, SiteLock extends beyond basic security and malware detection into areas like traffic statistics. It eliminates comment spam, ensuring anyone completing a web form is human. It will even prevent automated bots from scraping content from your site. Scraped data usually ends up on directories, and may damage your overall ranking if it contains duplicate text or if the directory is considered low quality.

As well as downgrading websites with dubious associations, search engines prioritise platforms that are optimised for mobile. Rapid loading times have become vital for performing strongly in search results pages. SiteLock will minify HTML and CSS coding to reduce loading times, as well as balancing the rival demands of image size and quality. Static content is cached and compressed, while unlimited bandwidth should ensure rapid display on user devices. And to further accelerate loading times, UK2.NET will store multiple copies of each web page in our strategically located data centres around the world.

Don’t wait. Protect your own data as well as your website traffic today with SiteLock at UK2.NET.

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