Explore Your Creativity: Build With WordPress

The internet is a place that celebrates innovation, originality, and most of all creativity. Artistry of all shapes and sizes is published each day on the web. From streaming brand new music tracks to reading self-published ebooks and podcasts, the internet provides a direct link from creator to audience.   

At UK2, there’s nothing we love more than helping our clients create a digital platform to act as a foundation for creativity. Websites, blogs, and online shops paired with the perfect domain are ideal locations for the UK’s brilliant artists, makers, authors, and builders. 

Share your ambition, excitement, and personality with the world with WordPress.

Whether you are looking to create a brilliant blog chock full of creative content, a stunning online shop to display your creations, or a gallery full of your designs, WordPress has the tools and services you need to make your vision a reality. 

Explore the diverse functionality of WordPress Hosting. 

It’s only natural to be hesitant before committing to a platform or a web host. Trusting a third party with your creations can be stressful. However, partnering with UK2 makes WordPress easy. Simply add a WordPress Hosting package to your shopping cart, select your FREE domain, finish the checkout process, and start building! 

Why choose WordPress Hosting from UK2?

Let’s take a look at the wide world of WordPress opportunities and options to support your ambitions.

#1. Beautiful, Professional Template Options

While many WordPress admins choose to build their own sites, you don’t have to. There are thousands of template options to choose from. Simply choose the template that best represents you and add your personal information. The great news is that WordPress is versatile enough to truly represent your creative vision without hours of development or pages of code.  

#2. Absolutely Sharable Sites

If your goal is to connect your ideas with as many people as possible, then WordPress can help you achieve just that. Social media platforms love sharable websites, especially sites with great visual appeal. WordPress covers all of the bases. Easy social sharing buttons let you share your creativity with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and many more platforms with one easy click.  

#3. Up-to-date and Totally Secure

It can be frustrating when admins are forced to contact tech support to make changes to their website. Luckily, WordPress allows you to update, make changes, and completely redesign all on your own. The best part is that your WordPress website isn’t tied to UK2. If at some point in the future you decide to host somewhere else, you can easily migrate your whole website without hassle. 

#4. Endless Options and Opportunities

Because WordPress is opensource software, the internet at large in all of its brilliance has created thousands of small applications, called widgets to make your life easier. Opensource means that anyone can view, copy, and contribute to the source code. Over the years, techies have thought up a helpful tool for any issue you might come across including fighting spam, boosting security, customising, forwarding, building email and newsletter, and so much more. 

#5. Scalable for your growth.

We know that your creativity is endless, so why not start with a platform that will grow with you. Whether your website goes viral the first week or takes a few months to build up steam, WordPress can handle your website traffic with room to grow. The best part about WordPress is you choose. Whether you want to reach great heights and achieve digital success or simply create a repository for your ideas, WordPress hosting from UK2 is here for you.