Finding Funding: Could Crowdfunding Be For You?

28th August, 2015 by

Your business could receive a community boost with the right crowdfunding campaign…

IndieGogo, Kickstarter, Go Fund Me… Crowdfunding has hit the mainstream in a way that was simply not possible as recently as 10 years ago. By championing the underdogs, the indie innovators and the whims of bizarre imaginations around the world, crowdfunding websites have grown small ideas that were once impossible into fully-fledged successful businesses.

Could it do wonders for you too?

We’ve just about heard it all when it comes to crowdfunding; it really can make your wildest dreams come true. Just last year Zack Brown found unlikely fame after his Kickstarter campaign to fund his $10 potato salad received over $55,000 in donations! And he’s not the first to get the backing of the internet with a wacky idea: a vegan zombie cookbook, a statue of Robocop and a wooden handbag are among the weird and wonderful campaigns to have found their backing online.

Looking beyond the craziness, crowdfunding websites provide a great platform for businesses looking to expand, launch products or simply get off the ground. In today’s society no dream is too big; crowdfunding allows anyone to skip out the moneyman and bring together a community based on support.

So what makes a great crowdfunding campaign?


No self-respecting crowdfunding idea will be a success without an intensive planning stage. If you want the public to invest their interest (and more importantly their hard-earned cash) in your idea then you need the answer to every question they may have. Where exactly will their money be going? Why is it you need a particular amount? Where is the demand for your project? Plan meticulously and provide as much helpful information as possible on your campaign posting, but be sure not to make things too wordy as investors could be put off.


Harvest the power of social! In today’s online climate the share button can quite literally be worth millions. Enroll your friends on your publicity campaign: the more you shout about it the wider your reach. Send an email out to your family and friends and be sure to share the link to your crowdfunding page whenever discussing it online. Facebook and Twitter could be on your side with this one, a well-placed #crowdfunding hashtag should help spread the word.

Strong Visuals

Visual content is more engaging than text. Many crowdfunders will be looking to invest on the fly, and if your idea is visually exciting then they’re more likely to part with their money. Invest time and money in creating a video to go with your campaign which showcases your product or idea as the next big thing, or at least something that will change the lives of the many for the better.


Crowdfunding is ‘by the people, for the people’: it pays to remember that when you’re writing up your plans for the campaign. Does your idea appeal to the masses? Will it improve the life of the average citizen? Giving your campaign a personality will make it more ‘human’ and as such more engaging. Spend time developing a tone of voice or speak directly from the heart, but be sure to avoid sounding too clinical.

Check out our list of the 10 coolest Kickstarter campaigns on this blog post! Once you’ve got all the inspiration you need for a successful campaign build a site for your idea using our simple website builder.

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