How To Add An Email Account To Your iPhone

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The beauty of mobile technologies is that they give us access to the information we need when we are on the go. This advance has enabled remote working, leading to increased productivity. From internet searches to email account notifications, we are an accessible and communicating population.

UK2.NET understands the importance of staying connected. Our professional, reliable email accounts can be paired with a variety of your favourite devices, including your iPhone. This article will walk you through the necessary steps to add your UK2.NET email account to your iPhone. See below to get started!

Step one: Locate iPhone setting

Turn your iPhone on and click the Settings icon. From the Settings screen, click Accounts and Passwords. In this screen, you will see a tab called Accounts, which contains an option to Add Account. Click this option to be taken to a list of email providers.

Step two: Adding your email account

You will not find UK2.NET on the list of email providers. However, at the bottom of the screen, you will see an option for Other. Click the Other option to begin adding your UK2.NET email account. Next, click Add Mail Account. Replace the with your UK2.NET email address. You will also need to add your email password and a description of the account. Then click Next.

Step three: Setting account preferences

You will need to decide if your account is POP or IMAP. POP will download your emails to your device and remove them from the server. IMAP will allow you access to your email while storing them on a remote server. If you’re not sure, please select IMAP. Your phone may ask you to again replace with your UK2.NET email address. To set your account preferences, please enter the information you see below into the proper form on your iPhone.

Incoming Mail Server

Host name:
Username: *your UK2.NET email address to replace*
Password: *your UK2.NET email password*

Outgoing Mail Server

Host Name:
Username: *your UK2.NET email address to replace*
Password: *your UK2.NET email password*

Please note that your iPhone may indicate that only a username and password are acceptable for adding your new email account. However, this is not an option for adding your UK2.NET email account.

Step 4: Saving your settings

The final step in adding your UK2.NET email account to your iPhone is to click Next and Save your new email settings.

As always, if you have any questions about this tutorial or others, please don’t hesitate to contact our expert technical support team for assistance. You can contact us by opening a chat, giving us a call or by creating a ticket within your CHI account.

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