How To Boost Your SEO In An Hour Or Less

2nd January, 2019 by

As a website owner, you are likely to always be on the lookout for ways to boost your search engine optimisation (SEO). Organic traffic is effectively free attention for your site, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t have to work for it. Luckily there are tools and services that can help boost SEO and drive organic traffic to your website.

What is SEO?

Search engine optimisation is the method for making sure that your website tallies with the search engines who catalogue search results. Search engines use complex algorithms to ensure that your website is authentic, credible, and trustworthy. If your site meets these expectations, your links will appear higher in search rankings than other, less credible, websites. SEO does not factor into paid searches, only free search queries. The results from higher search engine rankings is what is referred to as organic traffic. Increased organic traffic leads to more clicks, sales, and a stronger reputation on the internet.

You may be thinking that SEO depend solely on the words you use on your website. However, this is not true. As search engine algorithms become more complex, SEO has grown to include page loading speed, meta descriptions, time spent on a page, and a host of other important aspects. It can be hard to know what’s important and what’s not, let alone how to fix any problems that might exist.

Website SEO Guru

If you don’t consider yourself to be a tech whiz, it can be hard to keep up with the lingo when trying to DIY technical adjustments to your website. Website SEO Guru can help. Our tool for SEO helps take the guesswork out of optimising your website. Website SEO Guru will quickly scan your website and check for SEO values deemed important by search engines. If any inconsistencies or weak points are found, your report will tell you exactly where they are. The best part is that the Website SEO Guru will walk you through step by step how to resolve any SEO blips on the radar.  

Once the scan has completed, add Website SEO Guru to your CHI account for continued SEO monitoring and the enjoy the following benefits:

    • A detailed website SEO report that highlights your website’s strengths and weaknesses.
    • Clear instructions on how to resolve any SEO issues.
    • Daily scans to check for SEO errors like missing title tags or broken links.
    • A report of websites that link to your website to help strengthen inbound links.
    • Competitor analysis to benchmark your site against theirs.
    • Keyword recommendation lists for your specific industry.
    • Reports on keyword rankings and performance evaluations for up to 15 search items.
  • Alerts and notifications letting you know when anything changes in your SEO performance.

In the space of just one hour, you can completely reform your search engine efforts to drive organic traffic and promote growth.

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