How To Build Trust In Your Website Visitors

21st October, 2016 by

Creating a bond of trust between your business and its customers can be tough in the digital age.

Today’s business is largely conducted online. If you’re in the e-commerce sector, or manage a website for your brick and mortar business, you’ll know first hand how hard it can be to engage with customers who never have physical contact with your business. The lack of a “personal touch” in online business can distance clients from your organisation, meaning they’re less likely to remain loyal customers or refer your website to a friend.

While online customers are certainly harder to please than those we interact with in real life, there are ways your business can connect with its customers and nurture a bond of trust. Everything from your website’s colour scheme to your brand voice will affect your relationship with your customers, so be sure to put some careful thought into every aspect of your online business, gearing it towards the customers you hope to meet.

So how do you build trust in your website visitors?


People love people, and they love reviews. Review websites such as TrustPilot and TripAdvisor are hugely popular with digital citizens, as they like to be sure they’re buying from a reputable company before parting with their money. If you have some happy customers, encourage them to leave a review of your business – you could even include these reviews on your website to display the trust your existing customers have in your site. Monitor any negative reviews you may receive and aim to resolve the problems of these disgruntled customers quickly, as they’ll appreciate you making the effort to meet their needs, and will be more likely to return as customers.

Show your face

Your “About Us” page is your chance to showcase the personality of your business, and provide your customers with a “person” to really engage with. Provide a thorough background to your business, highlighting any corporate social responsibility efforts undertaken by your company, and including visuals where possible. Including staff profiles on your “About Us” page is a great engagement tactic, as your customers can put a face to an otherwise faceless e-business, and are more likely to personally connect with your team.


Your social media channels are invaluable resources when building trust in your customers. Joining the conversation around your brand is an essential part of online business as it will allow you to give your business a distinct voice, and show your customers that you care what they think. Monitor your Twitter, Facebook and any other social platform closely, responding to all comments from your clients – the good and the bad. This will help you to mitigate any negative conversation and convert unsatisfied customers into happy ones.

Be secure

Your website must be a secure environment if you hope to make your customers part with their money online. Today’s customers are wary of entering their sensitive information into unsecured websites, so make sure you have an SSL certificate to provide proof that their information will be fully encrypted. Displaying security badges on your homepage will go a long way towards reassuring your customers that they’re shopping safely, and increase their trust in your website and business.

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