How To Make The Most Of Your Video Content

22nd August, 2018 by

Video has become a must-have in any successful content marketing strategy. Experts predict that by 2019, 80% of web traffic will be video streaming.  Many marketers are intimidated by the idea of appearing on camera or making videos without a team of videographers. There are many aspects to consider before pressing Record. Do you need a professional camera? How do you edit video? Does it need subtitles? How long should it be? However, creating engaging, professional video content isn’t as tough as you may think. In this post, not only will you learn some tips on how to create great videos, but also how to make the most of them once they are complete.

Five tips for making great videos if you’re not sure where to start:

#1. Think about the customers you already have first.

The best way to begin with video content is to look for questions that need to be answered. Try to offer advice or knowledge about your products or services to help your existing customers.

#2. A video doesn’t have to have a face to be engaging.

You may assume that you need to fix yourself up for your big video debut, but on-screen reporting is not the only way to make a video interesting. Many videos read like content, with additional engagement value like music and movement.

#3. Start small.

Your first video doesn’t need to be an epic trilogy. Instead, start small and see how it goes. Experts say that 10 minutes is best, but even a couple of minutes is a great place to begin.

#4. Don’t worry about the quantity.

It can be easy to begin to obsess about how many people are watching your video. However, it is much more important to focus on the quality of viewers. Engaging potential customers is your goal.

#5. Make it shareable.

Whether you prefer YouTube or Facebook, make sure that your video is easily shared across social media. Viewers love to share great content, so let them live it up!

What to do once you’ve made a great video:

If you have a great video that you feel will add value to your business, the next step is to promote it to its full potential. Below are some tips to help you make the most of the video you’ve already created

#1. Paid ads.

Even with the tightest of budgets, it is still a good idea to attract new website visitors with a paid ad. Simply pick your audience, set a monetary amount and watch the engagement climb. Decide beforehand exactly what goals you want to achieve and give it a try.

#2. Put it in an email.

You might not automatically think that video and email pair well together, however, this is a misconception. Embedding or linking a video in an email campaign can boost open rates and responses. Just be careful that your email is professional as to not be marked as spam.

#3. Write about it.

Creating a quick blog post to accompany your awesome video can add depth and perspective to your content. Whether you have a lot to say or just a few paragraphs, a blog post can help you repurpose your videos.

#4. Stick a pin in it.

Twitter has an often underused feature that allows you to pin posts to the top of your timeline. By keeping your video content at the top of the page, you can drive more followers to view the video.

#5. Chat it up.

There is nothing wrong with shamelessly promoting your video. By simply asking people to watch it, you can easily double or triple your total views. Make sure that you respond to any comments left on the page for maximum engagement.

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