How to Promote Your Brand New Website

25th January, 2017 by

It’s a common misapprehension among new business owners and budding entrepreneurs that creating a website is a finite task. Once it’s launched, the theory goes that potential customers will find it within days and new enquiries will begin rolling in.

Of course, seasoned business owners and marketing managers will tell you that nothing could be further from the truth. Even the slickest and most engaging website will struggle to attract more than a handful of visitors a day without ongoing marketing and advertising.

Below, we consider ten of the most effective ways to promote website content and ramp up traffic volumes:

  1. Maximise SEO. Before the site goes live, you should be thinking about how to bolster its appeal among the search engine algorithms. Regular updates and effective use of meta/title tags will help, as will strategic use of popular search terms on each page.
  2. Advertise. Despite the inevitable budgetary constraints faced by new enterprises, advertising is critical. If funds are tight, stick with Google and Bing for intricately targeted cost-per-click campaigns. Facebook is another good option, along with Yell.
  3. Develop Links. This is initially time-consuming, but links to your site from third-party platforms or directories can stay in place for years without any effort. Search engines favour sites with multiple inbound links, providing those external sites are legitimate.
  4. Build Partnerships. Taking the previous point a step further, are there any partnerships or collaborations you can develop, such as mutual recommendations with related firms? These relationships can help both parties to promote website content for free.
  5. Use Social Media. Another free way to build brand awareness is via social media – specifically the big three of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Try to add humour into regular weekly updates that encourage people to respond, repost and remember you.
  6. Look for Press Opportunities. Are you recruiting an intern for the summer, or launching a new brand? Have you won an award or done something unusual? Local papers and websites always welcome press releases about quirky stories or events.
  7. Vehicle Branding. If you’ve got a car or van, why not invest in some vinyl advertising decals? If you don’t mind your vehicle being a mobile billboard at all times, you can promote websites to audiences who’d otherwise never have seen your web address.
  8. Business Cards. Rumours of the business card’s demise have been greatly exaggerated. They still provide valuable brand (and website) promotion, from ‘drop your card into the box’ competitions to networking events. Speaking of which…
  9. Network. Sites like LinkedIn regularly list networking events in your local area. Check any event you attend is directly relevant to your business, and ensure plenty of attendees leave with a copy of your website details for future reference – or enquiries.
  10. Competitions. Winning an award or being shortlisted in a competition builds brand awareness, and can also promote website content at the same time. It generates handy PR, gives you bragging rights over rivals, and sounds great on an About Us page…

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